Jane is a successful small business owner, relentless community activist, and current Secretary of The NSW Greens. With a Masters degree in Environmental Management and a background in public policy, she wants to give back to her community and represent the electorate of Charlestown as a trustworthy and honest voice who stands up for the people, not corporations.

This election with both the Labor Party and the Liberals beleaguered by corruption inquiries and both bereft of vision for the future of our state, Jane will campaign tirelessly for accountability and transparency in government, ecological and sustainable development that works with, not against the community and public transport that is efficient and reliable.

She will continue the fight to bring integrity and accountability back to the area that Labor has time and time again taken for granted and the Liberals have all but abandoned.


As a growing economic hub Charlestown needs to plan how it will cope with the challenges of a rising population. This needs to be done in cooperation with, not against, the community.

As the recent protests surrounding the overdevelopment in Whitebridge shows, Charlestown wants integrated, sustainable and just planning that benefits the community and not the coffers of a builder. 

Eastern Lake Macquarie has some of the worst rates of youth unemployment in all of NSW. We need to be creating a future for the younger generations and we can do this by giving them access to high quality and affordable education.

But both the Labor and Liberal parties have attempted to privatise TAFE and make it unaffordable to the majority of Australians. A vote for us is a vote for affordable, high quality education.


Charlestown has been taken for granted for far too long by the Labor party as a ‘safe seat’ and the Liberals were all to happy to take the money and run when they got the chance. We deserve better.

The people of Charlestown need an accountable, honest and hardworking representative that stands up for our views and the needs of our community. Only the Greens can deliver the representation we deserve.

Rail, bus and cycling infrastructure in Charlestown is woefully inadequate. With an ageing population we need new ways to address how to keep our citizens moving and active within the community even when they can no longer drive.

More regular and efficient bus routes, improved rail services and safe cycleway development can all help this to occur whilst reducing congestion and helping reduce pollution within the area.


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